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My hair is growing back

I had a gorgeous coat before my operation, it was thick, a beautiful colour, I am alot paler than Athena is. Mummy says I am a handsome chap, who at times looks very noble and at other times looks like a goofball. I like balls, they are my favoritist thing in the whole world!!!!!

Then my operation happened and I ended up with a mohawk cut from if you are looking down on me, or if i am laying down it looks like I am wearing ankle socks and have highwaisted trousers on.

Then the fur has started to grow back and it was so itchy, I loved a good scratch, but ended up catching myself with my nails, so Mummy had to put Sudocrem on me. DO NOT eat sudocrem it tastes disgusting, I was not impressed with Mummy when she put it on.

Now I have got some long hairs and lots of short ones. Mummy has said if my hair is not fully grown back by winter she will have to get me a jumper to keep me warm. I am not sure of I want a jumper, as knowing Mummy it will be a Christmas style jumper and she will think I look gorgeous and cute, Daddy will roll his eyes and Jack will say “I’ve had to put up with Mum dressing me for years.

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