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Everyday I’m snoozing

One of my favoritist things in the whole wide world is to snooze.

Mummy says I do it really well, I snore really loudly apparently and I chase squirrels in my sleep. It also freaks mummy out when I sleep as my eyes are always a little bit open.

In my sleep I am not all legs that go in different directions and have zero coordination, but I am a Usain Bolt of the Labrador world.

When mummy is working and Athena is at the office with Daddy (she goes in so I can rest and help my elbows get better) I play with my toes, do some brain training games and then I go for a snooze, but if Mummy looks like she is going to move I have to get up and follow her, with Mummy generally saying “Boo or Barney or Bear or Baby you dont need to get up I am just getting a drink, or I am picking up the printing from the printer” but I goes to helps, as I am Mummys big boy and I loves being where Mummy is.

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