The Barney Bear Recovery Story

    Latest updates from Barney Bear

    My hair is growing back

    I had a gorgeous coat before my operation, it was thick, a beautiful colour, I am alot paler than Athena is. Mummy says I am a handsome chap, who at times looks very noble and at other times looks like a goofball. I like balls, they are my favoritist thing in the whole world!!!!! ThenContinue reading “My hair is growing back”

    Everyday I’m snoozing

    One of my favoritist things in the whole wide world is to snooze. Mummy says I do it really well, I snore really loudly apparently and I chase squirrels in my sleep. It also freaks mummy out when I sleep as my eyes are always a little bit open. In my sleep I am notContinue reading “Everyday I’m snoozing”

    Just photos

    Mummy keeps taking photos of me, she says I am a handsome boy, Daddy says I am a dognut, a plonker, that I have Klingon ridges on my head. But Mummy says to ignore Daddy as I am her gorgeous forever baby boy. I have worked out how to get on and off the sofaContinue reading “Just photos”

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